e-Store Plugin

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Compatible withphpFox 1.6
Compatible withphpFox 1.5

e-Store Plugin for phpFox

Extend your community: sell items to your users. Enable them to purchase and receive electronic or physical goods, whilst generating site activity and revenue.

You put the items up for sale, selecting which you want to sell for activity points and which for cash (and which for both), those that need delivery details, have a postage and packing fee, etc.

If people want to buy your items with their activity points they’ll have to be active on the site = good for you. If people want to buy the items for cash you’ll earn money = good for you.

Plus it’s something fun that everyone can enjoy!

This is a unique phpFox plugin which could provide you with that competitive edge. It’s a great opportunity to generate some extra revenue from your site, and a must-have for any budding community.

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An easy-to-use, intuitive admin panel.

Your choice of currency:

  • Activity points – generate activity!
  • PayPal (any supported currency) – earn money!
  • Or both…

Can support physical or electronic goods:

  • Optional delivery details
  • Optional delivery charges

Quickly and easily add new items:

  • Create ‘limited edition’ products
  • Restrict items to certain user groups

Item categorisation:

  • Unlimited categories
  • Aids store navigation and organisation

Activity points manager:

  • Provide your users with extra points, or take some away!
  • Send a private message with the points
  • Deal with multiple users at once:
    • Everyone
    • User group (Gold, V.I.P, etc.)
    • Individuals

Purchase / order management:

  • Manage orders in the admin panel as they happen
  • Automated communications:
    • Powered by PayPal Instant Payment Notification
    • Admin only has to change the status of an order
    • Emails and private messages are sent out automatically

User management / limits:

  • Ban as many users as you like from the store
  • Limit individual user purchases over a given length of time

A simple and enjoyable front-end

Store interface:

  • AJAX interface ensures fast and simple operation
  • Comprehensive error handling and validation
  • Buyer communication is automated and quick

My Account>>My Items>>Store Purchases:

  • New section in ‘My Items’
  • Quickly & easily manage your purchases
  • Pay for items / ‘Buy Now’ button, if needed
  • Manage purchases and view status of orders

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