Friends Activity Feed

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Compatible withphpFox 1.6

Friends Activity Feed for phpFox

Give your site the inviting community features of MySpace and Facebook, with the Friends Activity Feed for phpFox. A hugely detailed feed, packed full of content, will inspire your users and drive further activity on your site.

We’ve recently given the package a complete overhaul and the newly released version 0.5 includes masses of new features.

Highlights include:

  • Multi-language
    • The frontend is 100% compatible with the phpFox multi-language system.
  • Multimedia
    • Watch & listen to videos and music directly from within the feed. Images are also now shown when a user changes their profile picture, or uploads to the gallery.
  • User Status
    • New, integrated user status functionality – broadcast your current status and view the status of others.
  • In-feed Comments
    • The new in-feed commenting system enables users to comment on any activity’s notification from directly within the feed. Other users who have received the same notification will be able to see all existing comments and can add comments themselves.
  • Permissions-based System
    • Limit features based on user-group and create a tiered access plan that encourages your users to upgrade their membership.
  • New Notification Triggers
    • Amongst others, notifications are now provided when a user changes their profile picture or updates their profile.

This easy-to-use extension will keep your users constantly aware of their friends’ latest movements, and will encourage them to participate also. Site-wide, this causes a multiplying effect – increasing activity across the entire community.

Notifications in the feed are triggered by:

  • User Profiles (NEW in v0.31)
    • Updating user profile
    • Changing a profile image
  • Friends
    • Adding a friend
    • Adding a favourite friend (NEW in v0.31)
  • Status
    • Changing current user status (NEW in v0.31)
  • Videos
    • Uploading a video
    • Commenting on a video
    • Marking a video as a favourite
  • Bulletins
    • Creating a bulletin
  • Guestbooks
    • Making a guestbook entry
  • Images
    • Uploading an image
    • Commenting on an image
  • Blogs
    • Writing a blog post
    • Commenting on a blog post
  • Polls
    • Creating a poll
    • Voting in a poll
  • Quizzes
    • Creating a quiz
    • Answering a quiz
  • Polls
    • Creating a poll
    • Voting in a poll
  • Music
    • Adding a song (NEW in v0.31)
    • Adding a favourite song (NEW in v0.31)
    • Commenting on a song (NEW in v0.31)
    • Adding an album
    • Commenting on an album
    • Adding a favourite album (NEW in v0.31)
  • Events
    • Creating an event
    • Commenting on an event
    • Being invited to an event
  • Classifieds
    • Adding a listing
  • Groups
    • Joining a group
    • Creating a group

User & Admin Options

The Friends Activity Feed features various options that will enable your users to select which of their friends they wish to receive updates on, and choose the activities they would like to get notifications for. Users can also control the size of their own feed by limiting how many days worth of activity they want shown in the feed.

There is also a significant amount of admin control. The new permissions system allows you to choose which features are available to which user-groups. For certain user-groups, admin users can switch the feed on or off, set the number of days and items shown, toggle the inclusion of media in the feed, and enable/disable a user’s ability to comment. Administrators are also able to select which activities their users can choose to have shown in their feeds.


This package is designed for safe and secure use on all types of websites. Users can choose whether they want their activity to be shown in other users’ feeds, while substantial and strict privacy measures are always adhered to. The Friends Activity Feed is solely friends-based, with multiple-user notifications only shown if the browsing user is friends with all of those mentioned. In fact, the only time a user who you are not friends with will shown up in your feed is when they are added as a friend by one of your existing friends.

Expansion / Customisation

If you run a phpFox site it’s likely that you make use of more than just the default features, you’ve probably got a host of integrated mods and plugins – so you’ll need the feed to consider all activity across the whole of your site. This is why we are in the process of releasing a series of “mini-mods” which extend the Friends Activity Feed so it includes activity from the most popular 3rd-party addons. The restructured admin panel makes this process even easier, providing a 2-click web-based “mini-mod” installer. You can find a selection of mini-mods available on our website.

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