My Documents

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Compatible withphpFox 1.6

My Documents for phpFox

Give your users the option to offer downloads on their profile page. They may wish to display their CV or pricing information, or perhaps they write short stories… the possibilities are endless. You choose what file types can be uploaded, as well as how much each user may upload. You can even control who is allowed to download.

Highlights include:

  • Users can offer downloads on their profile page
    • Downloads are only shown if permissions allow
  • Any type of file can be uploaded
    • You choose which file types are allowed
  • Users have access to a ‘My Documents’ management screen
    • View existing documents and their details
    • Delete unwanted documents
  • User-group based permissions system
    • Control who’s allowed to do what
    • Choose who can upload documents, view downloads, and download files
  • Variable admin settings
    • Adjust the maximum file size for documents
    • Choose how many each user can upload
    • Decide which file types are acceptable
  • Front-end is 100% multi-language compatible

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