Virtual Gifts Plugin: Gold

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Compatible withphpFox 1.6
Compatible withphpFox 1.5

Virtual Gifts Plugin: Gold for phpFox

PayPal integration, multiple gift display options, more user-configurable settings – plus much, much more. We thought that this addition to our Virtual Gifts Plugin series was so good that it deserved a special new name.

Hence we are proud to introduce the Virtual Gifts Plugin: Gold, which boasts massive improvements on previous editions.

An exciting addition to your community

Your users will love it

  • Facebook-style plugin
  • Quick, easy, and fun feature
  • Suitable for all ages

A money-making machine

  • New integration with PayPal
  • Choice to pay for your gift via PayPal or with activity points
  • Optional price field – charge money, points, or both!

User-group based permissions

  • Limit gifts to certain user groups (VIP, Gold, etc.)
  • Provide an incentive to upgrade membership

A good-looking, clean, & fresh front-end

Send gifts in style

  • New: Beautiful gift packs now available!
  • Ultra-fast AJAX interface
  • Categorisation
  • Integrated friends list for easy recipient selection
  • Gifts can be public, private, or anonymous
  • Much gift information
    • Title & description
    • Quantity available, price, & expiry date

New areas in My Account

  • My Account >> Settings >> Gift Settings
    • Users can opt out of receiving gifts
    • Or choose not to have their gifts displayed on their profile
  • My Account >> My Items >> Sent Gifts
    • See all of the gifts you have sent
    • Pay for gifts
  • My Account >> My Items >> Received Gifts
    • See all received gifts

Comprehensive profile integration

  • Recent gifts shown on your profile
  • See all gifts sent to a particular user

Take control with an extensive admin interface

Multiple gift display functionality

  • You choose the size of the gift images
  • 2 display sizes for each gift (large and small)
  • Larger images are shown when inspecting a gift
  • Images are dynamically resized on upload
  • JPEG, GIF and PNG gift images supported

Adjustable gift options

  • Edit the title and description info
  • Adjust the price and quantity available
  • Set an expiry date for a gift

New & improved Activity Points Adder

  • Give points to a single member, all members, or members of a user group
  • Send private messages with points attached

User notifications

  • Private messages
  • Emails
  • Keep people informed and coming back


Easy to install and upgrade

  • 1-click installation
    • No fiddling about with the DB
  • Full plugin structure
    • Don’t worry about phpFoX version upgrades

A host of recent functional improvements & fixes

  • Sort gifts by category in Edit Gifts section of the admin panel
  • Added more information to admin index
  • Added unlimited quantity option for gifts
  • Added unlimited timespan option for gifts
  • Now works with custom user groups
  • Gift titles are shown when hovering over the gift
  • More comprehensive error checking
  • Category sorting algorithm is improved
  • Long and short URLs are supported

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