Virtual Gifts

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Compatible withphpFox 3
Compatible withphpFox 2

Virtual Gifts for phpFox

A fantastic and fun virtual gifts feature for phpFox 3 and phpFox 2. Encourage site activity and create another revenue stream for your site by letting your users send all kinds of gifts to each other with short and sweet messages attached. is proud to announce Virtual Gifts for phpFox 3 and phpFox 2. This is one of our favourite products for phpFox and it’s packed full of features…

Virtual Gifts is now available for phpFox 3

With loads of new features, including:

  • Improved activity feed entries and dashboard notifications
  • Support for use of multiple currencies
  • More effective user privacy control
  • Enhanced usage statistics
  • Numerous bug fixes and small improvements
  • Plus much, much more!

An exciting addition to your community

Your users will love it:

  • Facebook-style plugin
  • Quick, easy, and fun feature
  • Can be enjoyed by all ages

A money-making, activity-boosting machine

  • Seamlessly integrates with any payment gateways you have set up
  • Offer gifts for free, in exchange for activity points or real money

User-group based permissions

  • Control access to the gift shop
  • Make some gifts available only to certain user-groups
  • Provide an incentive for your users to upgrade their membership

A good-looking, clean & integrated front-end

Send gifts in style

  • Create gifts relevant to your site, or try our ready-made gift packs
  • Fast, intuitive and seamlessly integrated AJAX interface
  • Set up multiple categories
  • Integrated friends list for easy recipient selection
  • Gifts can be public, private, or anonymous
  • Multiple gift attributes
    • Title & description
    • Quantity available, price, & expiry date

Additional user areas

  • The gift shop itself
  • My gifts: inbox and sentbox
  • Gift settings on the Account Settings page
  • Recent gifts optionally shown on user profiles
  • See all gifts sent to a particular user
  • Integrated user notifications

Take control with an extensive and much-improved admin interface

Simple and effective module management

  • Comprehensive, intuitive admin panel
  • Try different settings for each user-group
  • Extra system settings
  • Don’t want your users to give up their activity points in exchange for gifts?
    • Set required minimum point levels rather than subtract

Quick & easy gift creation

  • Images are dynamically resized on upload
  • JPEG, GIF and PNG gift images supported

Adjustable gift options

  • Edit the title and description info
  • Adjust the price and quantity available
  • Set an expiry date for a gift


Easy to install and upgrade

  • Simple installation procedure
  • Fully integrated with the phpFox product system

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