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Compatible withphpFox 3
Compatible withphpFox 2

Education (previously known as Ultimate Schools) for phpFox

Education for phpFox 3 and phpFox 2, previously known as Ultimate Schools, enables you to catalogue educational institutions around the world on your site and helps your users to form communities based on their past attendance history.

Users can search for, and interact with, school friends and old college room-mates as well as being able to add videos, photos and events. They can browse through institutions by location and/or type, easily locating different types of institutions in their area.

Educational institutions not suitable for your site? All the product’s text can be edited using the phpFox language system, so you can catalogue clubs, churches, scout groups, anything you want! is extremely proud to announce the release of Education for phpFox 3 and phpFox 2.

This is the best education / institution management product available for phpFox 3 and phpFox 2. It’s a comprehensive, fully-featured package full of sparkle.

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A new dimension for your site with many uses:

  • Users can connect and interact with others who attended the same institutions as them, past or present.
  • A homepage for each institution with event, video and photo sections for every community.
  • Advanced search features mean you can provide a directory of educational institutions in different areas, even for non-members if you wish.
  • Attract new visitors to your site who see you as a reputable source of information.
  • Control access to all features with a comprehensive set of options for each user group.
  • Users can make their education history available to others, if they wish.
  • Complete set of individual user settings to ensure personal privacy.
  • Beautiful and clean SEO URLs for each institution.
  • All language is easily translatable via the admin panel phrase manager. Use this product to catalogue clubs, churches, teams – anything you like!

Users can…

  • Browse institutions by type and location
  • Retrieve contact details for institutions in their area
  • Easily find similar institutions to others they know of
  • Search for institutions
  • Add institutions and cities that are not yet listed on your site
  • Confirm their attendance at institutions and join different communities
  • Share events, photos and videos with other users
  • Display their education history in a new My Education profile block
  • Easily view and manage their education history in the My Education section
  • Communally edit institution about pages and other details
  • Receive updates and dashboard notifications, based on their personal options
  • Post comments on institution homepages
  • Chat in institution shoutboxes
  • Browse institution members and find old/current school friends
  • Share institution links with others
  • Invite other users to join an institution
  • Easily report inappropriate items
  • Conveniently manage their privacy and notification settings for the module


  • Homepage
  • Logo (can be communally editable, if permissions allow)
  • Contact details (can be communally editable, if permissions allow)
  • Location displayed on a Google Map
  • Member browse/search section
  • Events section
  • Photos section
  • Videos section
  • Comments
  • Shoutbox
  • SEO URLs for institution homepages and other sections

Simple & efficient admin control

  • Easily clean-up and maintain module content via the front-end of your site.
  • Institutions, cities and institution types can also be managed from the admin panel.
  • Extensive selection of user group module settings enables you to control access to almost every feature.
  • Various system settings allow you to alter the display and function of the product.
  • Module activity statistics.
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface for managing institution types.
  • Users can easily report inappropriate or offensive content wherever it is seen.
  • Continue to manage countries and states from the Tools » Countries admin panel section.
  • All language used in the product is editable and translatable via the Phrase Manager.

Additional features

  • Global search integration.
  • Member-based rankings for the top institutions.
  • Popular institutions block and institution popularity stats.
  • Module activity is displayed in user update feeds.
  • Integration with the existing phpFox country and state management system.


Easy to install and upgrade

  • Simple installation procedure
  • Fully integrated with the phpFox product system

This is the best education / institution management product available for phpFox 3 and phpFox 2. It’s a comprehensive, fully-featured package full of sparkle.

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