Advanced Classifieds

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Compatible withphpFox 1.6

Advanced Classifieds for phpFox

As well as being packed full of exciting new features, Advanced Classifieds 0.3 can enable you to generate revenue streams for both your site and your users. Pimp your classifieds section to the max!

Notable features include:

  • Unlimited subcategories
  • Image uploads
  • Automated listing expiry, deletion, and renewal system
  • Ability to charge for initial posts and renewals
  • User-group based permissions
  • Individual listing pricing with support for multiple currencies
  • Abuse reporting/flagging system
  • Frontend is 100% multi-language compatible
  • SEO URLs for subcategories and listings
  • Plus much, much more…

This package boasts…

A pleasant browsing experience:

  • Unlimited subcategories
  • Enhanced browsing views
  • 4 section frontpage layouts to choose from
  • Scrolling recent listings block on the section frontpage

Enhanced user-created listings:

  • 4 image uploads per ad
  • Users can name their own price in their own currency

Automated charging, expiry, renewal/deletion process:

  • Optionally charge a category-wide posting fee
  • Admin can choose when listings expire and/or get deleted
  • Automatic cron-based section maintenance and user reminders
  • Ability for users to renew their listing

Tight admin control:

  • Easily delete unwanted content
  • Effortless abuse reporting/flagging system
  • Simple, intuitive subcategory & currency management systems
  • Easy-to-use permissions matrix – limit access & use by user group
  • Useful, at-a-glance admin stats
  • Loads of additional options

Extra blocks and content:

  • ‘My Recent Classifieds’ block on user profile pages
  • ‘Their Listings’ page – view all listings posted by a single user
  • Configurable ‘Recent Classified Listings’ component
  • Adjust the design further with more options in the admin panel…

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