Advanced Private Messaging: Deluxe

🏷️ £10
Compatible withphpFox 1.6

Advanced Private Messaging: Deluxe for phpFox

Advanced Private Messaging: Deluxe is the ultimate private messaging modification. It transforms the messaging component of phpFox with a powerful set of new features. New in v0.2: support for custom user-groups!

Key features include:

  • Drop down box to select individual friends to message
  • Choose multiple friends to send a message to
    • Intuitive AJAX interface
  • Send a message to multiple users at once
    • Each username can be separated by a semicolon
  • Admin panel back-end
    • Limit the advanced features to specific user-groups (Gold/VIP/etc.)
  • Send a message to all your friends at once
  • Message all the members of a group which you belong to at the same time
  • Advanced error handling
    • Send multiple messages successfully even if some errors occur

Advanced Private Messaging: Deluxe vastly improves on phpFox’s basic messaging interface and will seamlessly integrate into your website. Plus it only takes about five minutes to install!

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