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Compatible withphpFox 1.6

EasyAdCreator for phpFox

Tired of the cumbersome phpFox ad management system? If you don’t have the ready-made code, creating new ads can be a real chore. That’s where the EasyAdCreator comes in. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface enables you to create customisable ads direct from the admin panel.

Highlights include:

  • Create ads quickly & easily with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Can create flash or image based ads
  • Multiple customisable options:
    • Choose whether to link the advert to a webpage
    • Select if the link should open in the same or new window
    • Enter the URL the ad should link to
    • Upload either a Flash movie or image file
  • Option not to use the wizard if want to enter code directly
  • Uploaded files are stored in file/pic/ads – no more FTP transfers
  • Entirely valid XHTML code is generated

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